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Raw Garden Carts

We create products using our own seeds and only the highest-quality Cannabis flowers as the raw material. In order to capture and preserve the complete embodiment of the Cannabis plant while it is still young and alive and before it can dry up and lose any of its distinctive flavors and scents, our particular reaping measure employs a best-in-class Cryogenic freezing strategy. In order to create our protected Raw Garden Live Resin and Refined Live Resin products, we then separate the Cannabis oil from the frozen plants. Additionally, that is what you breathe in: pure cannabis, never any fake flavors or additives.

Since 2015, Raw Garden has consistently produced cannabis oils that have won grants and been verified by Clean Green. Progress is essential because Raw Garden has produced high-quality goods using new technologies and plant varieties. In terms of creative horticultural techniques, Raw Garden consistently wins. The Clean Green Certification program is widely regarded as the best cannabis certification agency. This is the closest one can get to naturally occurring cannabis because it is unquestionably not a crop that the government considers to be a farming yield. The program ensures that all of the marijuana used by Raw Garden is grown and handled in accordance with recognized national and international natural and reputable prescribed procedures.

In order to adhere to those regulations, the ranch must only use pure, natural, and conventional composts, soil amendments, and bug control methods, never using any fake ingredients, flavors, or thinners. Producers must genuinely consent, which entails a thorough review of their records and extensive testing to show the office’s ability to protect the cannabis from contamination. The end result is a brand that customers can purchase knowing that they are not only getting a quality product but also that their customer dollars are supporting environmentally sound, practical farming practices.

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At Raw Garden, we’ve made it our main priority to transform Cannabis into a cutting edge, cost-effective horticulture harvest using a creative model that takes advantage of years of progressive innovation in farming column crops. To do that, a commitment to concentrating all of California’s famed crops—including berries, lettuce, celery, tomatoes, squash, plants, citrus, almonds, and blossoms—was necessary. It has been a thorough relationship that has resulted in benefits for both our community and for us.